Visiting the Island: a charming experience

Setting foot on Comacina Island, the unique island of Lake of Como, is always a stirring experience in all seasons, even in the mists of autumn or under the rain. The scenery is bewitching at every time of the year. In the midst of an ancient setting on the shores of Spurano, among the picturesque fishermen's houses, the small Romanesque style church of S. Giacomo stands out and, a few steps away, next to the bell tower, you will find Santa Maria Maddalena. The place is rich in history, art, tradition and memories whose architectures and remains defy the passing of time.

There is so much to discover among the secluded corners and the open views; an aura of mistery lingers on the history of the Island, its inhabitants, the churches and the buildings which were once there in great numbers and, destroyed by the soldiers of Como army, are now buried between woods and clearings.

Once landed, you will receive a warm welcome by the "Oste" ( an old fashioned word for "owner of a pub", this is the way Benvenuto Puricelli, the current owner, likes to call himself). After a tour of the Island, which will take no more than one hour, stop over at the bar "La Botte" for a cool drink before getting back to the Locanda where you will enjoy the pleasure of sharing a rich meal while being waited on in a faultless way by the careful staff.

«Impress everyone by pulling on the oars across to little Isola Comacina for a meal at the famous Locanda dell'Isola Comacina»
Lee Marshall, The Sunday Telegraph
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