The menu

We inform our clients that we only serve this one which we have been serving with success since 1947.

First course - Antipasto all'isolana

Consists of a slice of tomato with a slice of lemon on top, salt, extra virgin olive oil and origano.

Following this we serve 8 different fresh vegetables: celery, carrots, baked onions, sweet peppers, courgettes, beans, cauliflower and beetroots.
(The vegetables can change according to the season.)

On a separate plate we serve Prosciutto Tipo Praga (ham cooked in a steamer and lightly smoked in a wood-oven) and Bresaola della Valtellina (IGP air-dried beef that is aged in our cellar).

Second course - Trota alla contrabbandiera

Fresh salmon trout grilled on a wood grill. The trout is served boned and dressed with salt, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and pepper. (The trout will be boned at the client's table or in the kitchen).

Third course - Rottami di pollo in padella

A high quality chicken opened, "crushed", fried in an iron pot with oil and then put in the wood oven. It's served with salad.

Fourth course - Grana all'escavadora

Famous Parmigiano Reggiano (DOP) cheese. A piece of cheese is cut out of the middle of the form and given into the hand of the client to provide a great emotional impact.

Fifth course - Arance alla castellana

Sliced oranges or peach and served with a squisite ice cream called "fior di vaniglia".
This all is covered with the traditional "crema all'isolana".
(Fruits will change according to the season, and will be sliced at the client's table or in the kitchen)

Finishing touch - Caff� all'uso delle canaglie in armi

It is a tradition that at the sound of the bell the host enters into the room and burns brandy in the "pot" and tells the history of the Island. Then sugar and coffee are added to the brandy and then it is served.

A final which you should not miss !


The white D.O.C. wine which is served with the meal is included in the price of the menu.

The price per person including wine, water, cover charge and tax is � 80

Special offer: Menu Light (only temporary available)

The menu may vary based on availability or seasonality of dishes.

�Think this is beautiful? You should try the ice cream�
Sally Emerson, The Sunday Times
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