Weddings, anniversary, moments important to celebrate with relatives and friends: the Comacina Island is the ideal frame in order to celebrate the events to which you hold more. The Comacina Island is the ideal place in order to let your important events become a magnificent memory. Its splendid architectures of the rests roman open in the surrounding green in one gracefully harmony of shapes and space, creating an atmosphere with an strongly visual impact and elegance.

To celebrate one of the special days of your life, between many small treasures of history and art creates an dream atmosphere, and let your wedding lunch on the Comacina Island became an unforgettable event. Ours menu is ideal for every special event not only for weddings, but also for baptisms, for cresime, festivities of degrees, birthday festivities, anniversary, and all which marks the important stages of our life� For an only and unforgettable day.

�All the antipasti were bursting with taste joie de vivre.�
Craig Brown, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine
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